We're thrilled to let you know we will be playing with The Rifles as part of their UK acoustic tour, on Wednesday 24 May at The Y Theatre, Leicester. See you all you Local Boys and Girls there!!

Ferris are pleased to announce all three albums available now on all online platforms including iTunes and Spotify.

The band are also busy coordinating gigs across the UK and and beyond. More details to follow.

Keep the Faith people!

Head to, upload your music and you could have your tracks broadcast on BBC Radio

Always hard to define, the band's sound is rooted on a multitude of musical influences, preferences, experience and knowledge. From 50's rock n roll through to modern day bands and artists.

Hands-up, there are elements of The Beatles, The Who, Crowded House - to name a few. But the riffs, the melodies, the vocals and the beats can only be them.

This is the sound of Ferris.